Friday, September 14, 2007

Fear of Paperwork

Is there an official phobia for that? Fear of filling out forms. Fear of bureaucracy? Fear of spelling bureaucracy wrong?

I sat at my computer with social security cards and old passports and birth certificates and had to print the same form over and over because I made mistakes and God forbid to mess this up because it is the State Department and if you mess up your passport applications, you are so screwed.

But I think I am done.

Tomorrow we go to the post office to get our photos taken and submit the apps and hope that we never end up on the wall with those OTHER photos.


Next: Airline tickets and visas from the Vietnamese consulate. Then lots of shots for diseases that should have been eradicated a century ago. (Can you imagine cholera for crying out loud? My friend Michael actually caught it when he was in Thailand a few years ago. And rabies, but that's a whole other story.)

I found a gorgeous little Inn about a block from the beach in Nha Trang. It is called the Perfume Grass Inn. At $17 a night US it is a bargain, too. And I can't wait to try the mud baths. And grilled lobsters for $3. And hanging out with my in laws. And visiting my husband's home town.


Even with the paperwork.

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John Smith said...

Fear of paperwork? Oh yes!
I filled the company vehicle up and accidentally paid with my credit card instead of my fuel card. That was on the 2nd of March. It is the 12th of May and I finally got it together to make an expense claim. And at the same time write an invoice for work carried out last week for this guy (transferring video to DVD) and ordering some company stuff online.
For this I needed some 20 something passwords, logins and codenumbers. Plus my employee number and various other details only a true bureaucrat could ever know what to do with. And will take a normal person 3 days to research and find out. And that the other guy will have on his screen anyway. So why he wants it in the first place? To torture us, that's why. I started at 7 PM, it's midnight, I'm a wreck and the next day looms already. Anarchy never sounded so tempting.