Friday, September 14, 2007

Better get my earplugs

I have arranged for my drumming teacher to go to my kids' school and teach all the students about Mali and drumming. He is going to rent 60 djembes and have the kids come in in huge groups to learn a little about the culture and try out some rhythms. Isn't that great? I told him I will volunteer to help out and bring my two drums to share.

I can't wait to hear what 60 kids on djembes sound like. Wow!

The principal of the school is thrilled because it is the week after the big testing and she is sure the kids will LOVE to blow off some steam.

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Amy said...

Oh how wonderful! My kids are going to be SO happy. Thanks!!!

BTW- I did my own passport application this week also. Check out this trip:

In contrast to your trip, I will be without family which I expect to be horrible after a few days, but we will have much to share about!