Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The perfect Ash Wednesday

begins with me swearing in front of my children about 23 seconds after coming downstairs. Noah was being particularly crabby today and in a fit of anger, I almost said the F-word, but caught myself after the 'fuh' part. This is especially appalling because I almost never drop the F-bomb in front of the kids. In fact, we have a rule that if my husband or I swear in front of them, we give each a quarter.

Since I gave up swearing for Lent, I was feeling particularly penitential at the 12:00 service today.

23 seconds, people. That has got to be an embarrassing new low.

Lord, forgive me.

In other news, Nguyen and I, in that same fit of pique, put the TV in the basement and decided that as a family we are giving up the tube for the next 40 days. Emmett has been very matter of fact about it, but Noah has been whining for most of the day. "Why can't I watch a dvd, Mom? It's not TV!"

I think I will bring them to the aquarium tomorrow.


Widening Circles said...

Some people, namely the people we love the most, just know how to push our buttons. I have said and done things to my son in moments of temper that are truly humiliating to look back on. Nothing to do about it but pick yourself up and keep trying! (He grew up despite me to be a wonderful young man.)

Happy Lent!

LutheranChik said...

One of my more frequent humiliations is driving home from church on Sunday morning -- sheer minutes post-Eucharist -- and immediately erupting into f-bomb-dropping road rage at some driver ahead of me. So I feel your pain.

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Usually I start yelling at the kids right before church on Sundays, so I am always very grateful for the confession portion of the program.

Today is day two without TV and we didn't go to the aquarium, but we did go bowling and it was fun!

shona tiger said...

:) sounds like being human to me, lol. i think the point is awareness, lent to me is about seeing your habits/ addictions in true, clear light, centering... so when you fall, get up again ;) no tv wow!

Mary Beth said...

Tried to comment here a few days ago but Blogger was oppressing me.

You are one of my five selected companions for Lent - hope you don't mind. Check it out at

Singing Owl said...

I'm with Mary Beth, tried to comment a few days back. Just wanted to saY I really applaud the no TV thing. :-)

Big Dipper said...

Try fu...(catch yourself)..CRYING OUT LOUD!!!
[props to Eugene Levy in the movie _The Man_ ]

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

I will have to practice that in the privacy of my room, BD.... So when I pull it out it sounds natural, LOL.