Saturday, January 13, 2007

Real Life

I am funny.

In fact, I think I am one of the funniest people I know. I have a silly, self deprecating streak that I pull out at parties. I am a happy drunk. I never get morose or angry or ranty. Instead I tell everyone I love them and get maudlin and sillier.

What is weird is that that rarely comes across on this blog. (Which suggest maybe I should try blogging drunk sometime?)

So, what is the real me? The happy, funny, silly girl who can cuss a blue streak and laugh so hard she is required to change her drawers, or the breathlessly earnest Jesus freak you often find on the Big Dunk? Is it a double life? Or are they just different shades of the same chick?

I admit I try and avoid being funny on the 'dunk because too often on blogs, funny=snarky and that is not what this is about. Not that I don't appreciate snarky... I just think there is more than enough out there and this is a snark-free zone.

Some of my regular readers on the 'Dunk also know me in real life. They know my history, my nutty, artistic family, my embarrassing foibles and annoying faults. They know that I am silly and not just breathless all the time (unless I happen to be slogging on a beach.... see posts below).

So, my dear friends who know me in the flesh.... do you recognize this girl in the 'Dunk?

And for my other, dear, blogger friends.... are you who you are in your blogs?


Antony said...

This is a really good question, and I've pondered it before. I wonder sometimes.... I try to be absolutely real and treu to who I am with everything I post on my blog...but I don't show all of myself, that's for sure. There are certainly pasts of me--that those close in real life know--that I feel wouldn't come across right, or that I would just feel too vulnerable sharing. So if there is any false picture being painted of me, it is not because of what I am sharing about myself, but rather by what I am not sharing of myself. But...I don't think we necessarily should share every thought and nuance, whatever, with the whole world via the web. Sometimes this is all a bit too much self-invasion for this Norwegian as it is! :)

Peace sista Rachelantonyh

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Welcome back, Antony! I have been thinking of you out there in the woods this week.

Since I sometimes have a giant ego... the danger for me isn't self invasion, but self promotion. I have really struggled with that- trying to discern if a blog serves any purpose other than stroke one's ego. But when I frame it as the witness that I pray it is... the statement of a woman who's entire life has been turned around by God, then I don't feel self-conscious about it at all. And when I find others doing the same, I know how much their story resonates for me and I trust that is true for people finding me, too.

So maybe the world doesn't really need to know the real me. What they need to know is that once I was lost. Now I am found. And I am darned grateful that there are others out there with me.

Mary Beth said...

HMMMM! What an excellent question! I don't know how I come across on my that I think about it, probably not as funny as I (think I) really am. But hopefully not as likely to be whiny, either....

:) WIll be pondering this!

SingingOwl said...

I will too. Hmmmmmm...honestly, I do not know! I don't know how I come across on my blog--which is essential to answering the question!