Saturday, January 20, 2007

A mere shadow

of my former self.

Yup. I am groovin' with South Beach. Down about 10 lbs. and feeling extra fabulous. I told a girlfriend of mine that I feel like a movie star. And it isn't just the weight, obviously, but the fact that I am eating healthy, wonderful, food. I still have many more lbs. to go.... but slow and steady wins this particular race.

My mini goal for this year is to lose enough weight so that when I go to Vietnam this summer I won't keel over and die of heat stroke. Eventually I want to get down to around 150ish, which at my height makes me one frabulous babe. At that point I trade in the mini van and get the convertible and a lifetime membership to Apollo Fitness. Or maybe I should do that now? (Do they make a convertible mini van? I still need to carry the kids and kitchen stuff around!)

I am in a hugely grateful place. Grateful that God has given me this tool for change. Grateful that he gave me the willingness to make changes that are all to the good. Grateful that my sugar withdrawals only lasted a couple of days and I have been craving free since day one. And mostly grateful that I feel a million times more healthy now that the crap is out of my system.

Beloved God,
Let me be temperate and moderate in all things. Give me the strength to do what is right. Walk with me on this journey to physical health. Let me remember that it is for you that I do this. So I can be a better mother, better wife, better witness.



Antony said...

Good on you! Keep up the healthy life! :)

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Thanks, Antony! I am feeling great.

juniper68 said...

great news! congrats on making this change!