Monday, January 22, 2007

Fresh Delivery

Maybe it is cliche, but I have a crush on my milk man, Leo.

The truth is, I only see him a couple of times a year because he usually shows up long before we are awake. Every Monday morning we wake up to find fresh milk in glass bottles, juice, cheese, eggs and half and half in our metal milk box on the porch. Sometimes we go for the exotic like homemade grilled pizza with a white garlic sauce and roasted vegetables. Or perhaps I'll get a package of frozen ravioli and make a sauce in the crock pot.

Today Leo was late. He showed up at about 8:30. I met him at the door and he offered to carry my order into the kitchen.

We commiserated about the Patriots. Talked about the details of the game. I discovered that Leo normally gets up at 2 am but overslept this morning after staying up late watching the Pats choke.

Last year, the Munroe Dairy calendar had photos of all the milk men and I asked Leo to autograph it. This year, my family is in it, so maybe we'll autograph one for him!


Mary Beth said...

WOW, you really have a milkman who brings milk to your house!?

I barely remember when that happened here. I was sooooo little when it stopped.

I want to live in RI! and be on a calendar!

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

It is awesome! We love our milk delivery. The milk tastes great, too, because it is so fresh.