Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Birthday ramblings...

Yup, another Capricorn! I am 41 today. My husband joked that it might be time to trade me in for a new model. Maybe. But I am guessing that some nubile 20 year old won't be able to make a good spagetti sauce.

In the paper today, there was an article that said that a lot of breakups happen in January. They had some cockamamie explaination for it, but apparently celebrity matches are in particular jeopardy. It is true that I have noticed a lot of folks seem to break up during this time of year.

And I, myself, seem to be in 'clearing out' mode during this season. Last year I left a professional organization I had been a member of for 7 years. This year, I have decided to give up teaching childbirth classes. It seems that as the year winds down and a new one begins, we begin to unconciously sort through the elements of our lives and let go of the ones that are no longer of value. This could be an accident of the calendar, of course. The 'new year', as dopey a conception as it is, does seem to have some power over folks psyches.

But it is also Epiphany.

It is also a time, as my friend over at Monastic Mumblings says, is a time to bring Christ into the world.

So maybe all the jettisoning is really getting rid of that which inhibits us from being our true, authentic selves in Christ. Maybe that relationship was not a healthy one. Maybe that job wasn't allowing us to fully witness to the miracle of Christ's love. Maybe we need to clear the decks so God can refill us with his Grace... whatever that may mean for us.

During Epiphany, I sit with you, Beloved, in the newness of my life in Christ. I open my heart to you. I chip away at the walls that separate us. I step out in faith and trust that wherever the journey takes me, You are with me. I sink into the waters of your love and let them wash me clean.

I am born.

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