Sunday, October 10, 2010

Might be time to read Jeremiah

I have been keenly aware of the pressure I am under, especially at work. It is a tough job, heading up a charity that depends 100% on donations to survive. Not only am I about supporting my staff and keeping the organization on an even keel, but I am also a figure head that represents the organization out in the world. And there are times when that feels like a very heavy load to carry. Because, lets be honest, I am just as much of a goof ball as the next guy. It is crazy that the way people feel about me would have anything to do with whether they support the ministry... but I know it does.

About Babylon:

I will admit, there are times when I feel like I am in exile. We have a new priest at my church and the transition has been way harder than I expected. Right at the moment when I need stability, the rug has been pulled out from under me. The bible study I have been attending for 4 years just got canceled. Lectio Divina isn't happening on Sundays anymore. I have no relationship with the new guy, so I really can't imagine talking to him about any of this.

Lord, I know you have a plan for all of this. I will pray for strength and courage and perseverance.


Chris Arsenault said...

Praying that our Lord strengthens you - and fills you with the power of His Holy Spirit, lightens your burdens and builds your faith in Him.

John Michael Keba said...

Thee, a "goofball"? I would never have known.

And do you think the church has managed yet to get out of the wilderness?

webdeluxe said...

I believe that their will be a day that the church wil get out of the wilderness?