Sunday, February 07, 2010

You know,

Lord, I have been lifting up some pretty big prayers lately. I have been praying for the people I love. And I have to send up a great big thank you for all the prayers you are answering.

So, today, I pray for my friend who is at a turning point and needs some clarity and conviction that he is on the right path.

And I am praying for my mom, who is struggling with her health insurer over a medication that literally saves her life. I am praying that the issue will be resolved and that she can feel less anxiety and fear, and rage, about it.

And I am praying prayers of thanksgiving for the healings, the miracles I have witnessed lately.

I praise you, Lord. And thank you.


John Michael Keba said...

I will start a novena for your mother, Rachel.

Rachel Nguyen said...

Thank you, John... your prayers have already been answered. My mother's insurance situation has been resolved and she is now able to get the medication she needs.

God has been so faithful lately. I just praise him and thank him all day long these days.