Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I need to remember

in the midst of the busy-ness, to pray. I need to pray to God right now.

Lord. I am sometimes afraid of this path you have called me to walk. I am afraid. Please, Lord, please help me turn that fear over to you. I am not brave, but I am willing. I am not strong, but I am obedient. I am not courageous, but I want to do your will in all things. Is that enough, Lord? Is it enough for me to want to do your will? Do you, then, fill in the blanks? Do you hold my hand in the dark places?

Lord, I wish I were brave for you. I wish I were strong for you. I wish, Lord, that I wasn't afraid.

But I will do it anyway, Lord. I will walk on this path anyway... despite my fears.


Paul Maurice Martin said...

When I've felt this way, it turned out that I was strong after all - that sooner or later, I found myself stronger than I'd known. But the strength was truly spiritual - something infinitely greater than my psychology or personality and that I believe is with all of us.

Rachel Nguyen said...

Yes, Paul. For me, that strength is clearly not my own. When the fear is lifted, I find it is Jesus himself who has lifted it.