Friday, August 14, 2009

In the groove

You know when you feel like you are moving along and suddenly realize that everything is falling into place in an uncanny way? Weird coincidences start happening. Delightful little moments when things come together effortlessly?

Jung called it synchronicity. New age folks might say that they are in harmony with the Universe. For Christians, it is sense that you are being blessed by God and he is dropping little breadcrumbs to keep you on the path.

At CareNet, lately, the breadcrumbs have been falling like Manna. Every day there is some new, wonderful, example of the Holy Spirit joyfully playing with us.


On our new Client Service's manager's first day, she was driving to work and noticed a car on a flat bed tow truck in front of her. The license plate was an unusual woman's name. A few minutes later, she came in and discovered that her first client had that same name.

While searching for property for CareNet, my agent and I drove by a beautiful huge victorian house on Broad Street and I said 'That is exactly the kind of place I am looking for for CareNet." The next day my agent found out that the owner of the victorian was listing with her company to lease office space.

There have been dozens of examples of this kind of thing over the last few weeks. At the office, we call them 'God sightings'. They make us feel like we are in the groove. In harmony with the Universe. Blessed.

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