Thursday, April 02, 2009

And so it begins

Day 6 on my new food plan.

I tell you, cooking for my client has helped me a lot. She needs her food to be nutritionally excellent because it is fuel. Plus it has to taste great. So even before I went to the doctor, I was thinking about making some changes to my diet.

The first few days on Weight Watchers were TOUGH. Your body kind of goes into shock when you first start a program. I was cranky and light headed and miserable. But I have been there before, so I know it is temporary.

Since then, I have felt really great physically. Clear headed. More energy.

I must admit I have some fear around this. There have been a couple of times in the past when I lost a large amount of weight and then fell off the wagon and gained it back.

This time, though, there are some different dynamics. For one thing, the health issue has never been the main motivator before. I just want to feel better. I don't want my doctor mentioning "Gastric Bypass" EVER again. I want to be able to dance Dansa without feeling like I am going to pass out. And I want to be able to ride bikes and play my kids while they are still interested in hanging out with me.

Another big difference this time is that I have people praying for me. I know that my Tuesday bible study group and my priest are pulling for me. I know if you are the praying type, you're praying for me. I know I can pray at any moment of any day and God will be there, through thick and thin.

It's funny. I belonged to Overeaters Anonymous for years... and while we often prayed for ourselves, we never actually prayed for each other, at least not formally. I wonder if that would have helped?

In any case, having God in my corner has helped me feel less afraid of this process. I know I am the one who has to do the work... but God is giving me the strength, and more importantly, the courage, to do it.


John Michael Keba said...

I'd search around for a novena to say, Rachel, but I'm not sure I'm allowed :-)

I am sure you will do fine, especially as you feel better and better.

Rachel Nguyen said...

Thanks, John. Even without a Novena, your prayers help!

Maybe I will ask the BVM to get on the case. I am sure she can relate to me wanting to be a more healthy mom!

Judith said...


You can do it! I'll keep you in my prayers. I've lost 30 pounds, with 10 more to go. Yesterday I took 13 bags of "fat clothes" to the charity drop-box. If I can do this, anyone can!

Rachel Nguyen said...

Wow, Judith,

That is great! I am looking forward to letting go of some of the clothes in my closet, LOL.

After only 2 weeks, I am already noticing that my pants are loose. Yeah!

Rom said...

Did I mention I have a serious customer for what we discussed earlier ?