Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Palm Sunday was a busy day for me. I was playing drums for the procession around the church and I was reading the part of Jesus in the Passion narrative. I was distracted and a little nervous.

Then, I walked into the church and saw all the crosses shrouded in red fabric and truly, I choked. I wanted to just crawl down the aisles on my knees and beg him to forgive us.

I have asked my parish priest to hear my confession on Good Friday and I am almost sick at the thought of sitting for three hours listening to the last words and THEN having to go in there and tell my priest all the crap that I do, day in day out, that holds me back from God.

Oh, Jesus. Your mercy is great.

Holy Week is here.


Singing Owl said...

I just read your Viet Nam posts all at once (I'm way behind in blog reading) and I was amazed, touched, prayed for Nguyen, and pictured the scenes you described.

I'm sorry it was followed so quicky by the loss of Chau.

I pray for a blessed Holy Week for you.

Thank God, His mercies are new
every morning!

Rachel said...

Hey, Singing Owl,

It has been a tumultuous month, indeed. The highest highs and the lowest lows. Kinda like Holy Week itself.

Through all of it, though, we have felt so incredibly LOVED. God's grace has been with us the whole way through.

Happy Easter, my dear friend.