Monday, March 31, 2008

Another of my favorite new highs

Ok, in order of importance, the things that get me high:

a. God
b. Playing my djembe
c. Working out at the gym?!?!?!

The first two make sense, right? I mean, of course I get euphoric when God whacks me upside the head. Of course I feel like I am on a happy pill when I am playing drums with my peeps.

But working out? I can't imagine why it is so wonderful. There I am, slogging away on the eliptical trainer, listening to Salif Keita on my Ipod and I just can't stop grinning. While I am working out, I am usually thinking about a. and b. it's true. But sometimes I just want to close my eyes and sing along with the music. (Dangerous and irritating, I think...)

Yeah Planet Fitness.


The Swandive said...

So do you go to the gym... or did you invest in an eliptical of your own. Inquiring (and inspired) minds want to know.

Rachel said...

I joined Planet Fitness, which is cheap. ($10 a month!) The one near me is really nice, too.

I like it!