Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hurry up

And wait.

Our flight this morning was canceled yesterday, due to anticipated bad weather in Chicago. Should we be surprised by a snowstorm in February in Chicago? I think not!

So the boys and Nguyen and I went to the Ash Wednesday service last night at Grace and I felt pretty darn penitential, all things considered. I was moved that Nguyen accepted the ashes on his forehead and then wore them to dinner afterwards. We went to a funky Portuguese place in East Providence and ate fish.

Today we get what feels like a free day. We are packed and ready. We have no more major errands to run. I even left a message for my drumming teacher that if he has a spare hour I'd love to have a lesson before we go. We slept late and tidied up a bit and have time to blog about it.

Life is good, even when it is not what we expected.

Tomorrow, God willing, we get on the plane and end up halfway around the world.


Ming said...

You guys are STILL in this hemisphere?
I have been praying for God's special Airline Grace for you.
Maybe this waiting around with all the bags packed and everything taken care of is the Eschatological attitude of the Early Church waiting for Our Lord's Return.

May the angels escort you on your pilgrimage.

Fr. P+

Rachel said...

My dear Ming,

Today felt like when you win a lottery you didn't even enter. It was an unexpected gift for which we are very grateful.

But now we are ready to leave this hemisphere and cross the dateline.

Next stop: Saigon!

Ciao Ong.