Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dancing in the dark

Well, not quite dancing... but grooving on the elliptical trainer at the gym. The power went out this morning at Planet Fitness, so instead of watching inane stuff on the tv, I was grooving to my Afriki album on the Ipod. (Which I coincidentally brought for the first time because I was bored with the junk they broadcast on the tvs at the gym.)

I have a love/hate relationship to the ipod. On the one hand, it is cool to have your own personal soundtrack as you go about your business. On the other, I think music is meant to be a communal experience. I love listening with others, dancing and singing along. It seems isolating to listen alone.

Working out has been great, thoough. I started a few weeks ago because I wanted to be in better shape for the Big Trip. So every day I have been doing about 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer and then working either my arms or legs on the nautilus machines. (Do they still call them that, I wonder?)

Yup. I am superwoman:

Faster than a lazy water buffalo. More powerful than a kid selling gum on Nha Trang Beach. Able to lift extra large bowls of pho.


Amy said...

I never thought about music as a community thing. Interesting. It certainly is a bonding thing, isn't it? Thanks for the new idea!

You might be amused to know that one of the Indian missionaries we met with talked about American society as characterized by the iPod kind of life - "put the things in your ears and go about your way without a concern for what is happening around you." Needless to say we were taken back by his astoute observation, although those with their iPods in hand were rather embarassed. :^D

Keep training - you may find those beach peddlers a tremendous challenge!


Rachel said...

The communal element of music has become more clear to me since I started playing drums. Alone, it is practice. With others, it is music, even when we are practicing! When someone is dancing to what we are playing, it is magical.

When I am plugged in to an ipod, I feel sorry that the person next to me can't hear the amazing music I am listening to. Plus, I am one of those goofballs that wants to sing along (even to a song in Bambara, a language I don't know, LOL.) With headphones that is way too dorky.

I agree with your missionary friend that when you are plugged in to an ipod, you are suddenly in a world of one. I find myself being an observer, not really a participant. Today I had to consciously decide to remove the ear buds so I could greet a friend at the gym.