Wednesday, May 03, 2006

a few things:

  • My dad turns 66 tomorrow. For years he never really aged, but now he is beginning to actually look like he is in his 60s. But heck, 60 is the new 30, right? So, does that mean 70 is the new 40? (Does that make me 71 somehow?)
  • Bunnies smell like timothy. And they are soft to hug.
  • My brother is having his first show opening on May 18. To see his nature photography, go to his website.
  • My hairdresser's teenage daughter is expecting a baby. I shared with my hairdresser that I will be starting to teach teen childbirth classes at the local Care Net chapter and we both were amazed (not really) at the timing. I hope her daughter chooses to join the class. (I got my haircut last night. The books for the class came in the mail today.)
  • I have been listening to our local evangelical radio station lately and feel more and more that the term conservative and christian don't fit together comfortably. Christian is Christian, isn't it? If you are a disciple of Jesus and are willing to let God run the show, it seems like politics doesn't have a role in that process. At. All. I resonate with a lot of stuff on that radio station and someday will call them up and let them know that by constantly harping on the politics, they might be alienating perfectly fanatical Jesus freaks like me, who happen to be pretty liberal on the political scale. Can't I be both?
  • I did reiki on a client today and spent the whole hour chatting with Jesus in my head. I love that.


Sanctify me. Help me dig into all the corners of my life and expose them to your love and your light. Help me open my heart to shine that light forth in all that I do. Sanctify me.

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