Friday, May 19, 2006

Coffee hour

I was warned: Don't volunteer for anything. Keep your head low. If someone asks, say no.

But I did it. I signed up to host coffee hour this Sunday. It'll be the first time at my new church.

Coffee hour at Grace church is a LOT easier than it was at Bell Street. It mostly involves standing behind the table and handing people cups o' joe. I think I can manage that. Oh, and I have to bring cream and cookies. But they reimburse you for it! It's not a big deal!

Uh, and I accidentally agreed to be a lector in June.

But that is it. I swear. I promise. I won't sign up to do anything else. Really. I know how this works from past experience. You agree to do coffee hour and suddenly find yourself chair person for the membership committee. And a worship assistant. And on the committee on ministry. And facilitating exercises at a leadership retreat. And oh, did I mention teaching sunday school? And doing 2 or 3 lay-led services every year. And redecorating the robing room. And sorting things for the yard sale. And no, I don't want to run the annual canvas this year, but I'll go ahead and organize the annual canvas dinner because, well, because I am just so darned good at organizing. (NOT).

Step back from the clip board. Walk away slowly. Keep your head low and for pete's sake, don't volunteer to do anything... You've been warned.


ceal said...

I'd need an entire blog for 2 days to fully share my wholehearted empathy for this post. Every spring my guilt blooms with the daffodils and I volunteer for vacation bible school. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I don't volunteer to teach because, well i teach all the time. I volunteer to do something in the background. It begins as a simple chore I can do on my own and deliver. Then the plan changes and I'm assigned helpers I usually haven't met. I hate working in small groups; I run with scissors and do not play well with others. Besides, the new crew didn't mean to volunteer anyway and has no time to meet. Then the plan changes again-- they don't want chore A, the play director wants chore A with serious modifications.

I won't go on-- only will say that my mother has solemly promised to stop me from approaching the clipboard in the future. (It took her 50 years to back away). Wish you would have warned me by May 1!

e-Mom said...

On the other hand... you have just revealed the secret to being PROMOTED to better things around church, or in a job, or elsewhere! DO make yourself visible. BE willing to do the mundane things first. OFFER your services for free. Volunteerism is an important key to learn if one wants to rise up the ladder of "success." It really works, as you've seen. Just thought I'd point that out to the young 'uns who are just getting started in life!