Saturday, April 22, 2006

Theo is on the move...

Last night I came home from a kitchen tools party pretty late. (It was a friend, so I stayed around after to chat...)

And what do I find? My husband sitting in front of a roaring fire, beer in hand, with a rabbit running around the living room. Well, not running exactly. More like hopping.

What is funny about this is that Nguyen was mister cool when it came to the rabbit. "no, I am not excited we are getting a rabbit." he said the day we were heading off to pick one out.

As I suspected, he turned to mush the moment he actually met the little guy.

Theo's exploration of the living room was quite an accomplishment too. For the previous couple of days he wouldn't come out of his cage at all, preferring, I think, to scope the situation from the safety of his little home.

We seriously need to bunny proof at this point. The first thing he did was hop over to my laptop electrical cord and take a few nibbles.

He even took a few flying leaps through the air, which Nguyen had never seen before. It was hilarious.

And one HUGE accomplishment is that he is using his litter box very successfully. Good Boy Theo!