Sunday, April 23, 2006

Grey Sunday

I don't know if my knee is acting up because of the weather, or because I forgot to take the anti-inflammatories for a couple of days, but whatever the reason, I am limping around again.

This knee thing has been humbling and eye opening. First, I have gained weight lately, and I am pretty sure it is lack of activity. I have never been a huge exercise fan, but I know that the last couple have months I have been much more sedentary than usual. My most excellent Northern European metabolism seeks every opportunity to pad up for some feared future starvation, so I have probably gained about 15 lbs or so. (Which means I am way more that 15 lbs over weight!)

I have been humbled by that.

I have also been humbled by the fact that I can never predict from day to day what I am going to feel like. Some days I feel very energetic and can do things like take a walk to my son's school. Other days, like yesterday, I feel like crawling into bed and sleeping for the whole afternoon. Part of me worries when I have too much scheduled because I can't be sure how my body will react. This is new and very very strange.

My parents are coming from Newfoundland for a visit. They are going to stay with us on Tuesday night. Truly, it is about all I can do to clean out their guest room for them, never mind planning a dinner.

But on some level, I am ok with all of this. With the extra weight and the unpredictability of my body. I am ok with the fear, even. In all things, I am trying to allow it to bring me closer to God somehow. Just let my life flow as it will... unfolding in God's way, not mine.

I have a friend who was praying to God for a week off from her hectic life. Over the weekend, she passed out in the middle of Times Square from heat exhaustion and ended up breaking her leg in the fall. She is going to get her week off... although it wasn't exactly the way she imagined. I told her next time she ought to book a cruise! LOL. But the fact that she saw the connection between her prayer and her accident really inspires me. She has let God take charge of her life in such a deep way.

Beloved, let me be open to your work in my life.

Let me rest in you when I am weary. Let me do your will in all things, at all times.

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