Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Love Letters to God

In my normal journal, the black leather one that matches my bible, I write all my entries as love letters to God. Well, OK, some of them aren't really love letters. Sometimes they are sent to the Complaint Department. Sometimes they are whine letters. Sometimes just boring news bulletins about my life.

But all of them begin:


That is my name for God.

What I am noticing about these posts is that they feel far less intimate. They are much more about reporting what is happening rather than engaging with God. My other journal is all about reflecting on what is going on from a spiritual perspective... always with the idea that God and I are at least discussing it, if not collaborating on it.

I sort of miss that with this online version. I realize that it would get mighty irritating if I started every post with "Dear Beloved," so I am going to just imagine that in my head. I will intend these to be suppliments to my real journal... and write them that way.

Because, really, everything in life is about getting closer to You, God, isn't it?


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