Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Daily Mass

I'll admit that since summer began, I have been finding it a little bit more challenging to get myself motivated to get to Mass in the mornings.  I am embarrassed by this.  I am going to see Jesus.  I should be getting up at the crack of dawn in anticipation every day.

But I am mostly hitting the snooze button and dragging myself out of bed after a night of not enough sleep.

Today was no different.  But as I pulled up to the church, I prayed that I would be open to what God had for me.  And from the moment I walked in to the church, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit.  I sat, mesmerized by the rosary prayers, my head bowed.  All through the liturgy, from the readings to the consecration, it was as if I was experiencing it in exquisite detail.  Each word, each moment heightened somehow.  And then, in the final moments before I stood to walk forward to receive, I saw Jesus standing (as Fr. Friedrichs was standing) breaking the bread at the last supper.  Carefully.  Deliberately. Overflowing with LOVE for us.  I was overcome with awe, humility, joy.  I felt as if I were floating in a dream as I stood to walk with my fellow parishioners to the front of the church.  I was so transported I was almost afraid I would drop the precious blessed sacrament.  But no, I received a thin triangle of the large wafer and said 'amen, Father' as I received it in my hand.

Thank you, Jesus, for this extraordinary gift today.

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