Sunday, December 06, 2009


A friend commented today that although she knows I love my job, she also can tell that it weighs heavily on me. She can tell that I am juggling a LOT of balls and am sometimes overwhelmed by it all. And it is true, I do feel the weight of it, even as I try very hard to share the load with Christ Jesus. It is not all mine, Lord. It is not all mine.

And I am even juggling too many balls at church. Today, for example, I facilitated Lectio Divina, lit the Advent candles during the service, read the 2nd lesson, did healing prayer in the Messiah Chapel during communion and had 3 conversations about stewardship during coffee hour. Yesterday I clipped greenery in the pouring rain for two hours so we could use the greens to decorate the church. On Friday afternoon, I rushed Noah through rush hour traffic to get him to Grace for a field trip. And tonight have to go back to Grace again to pick him up from the youth group.

It was a weekend that saw very little in the way of rest and renewal... and that is an issue since I am expending so much energy at my work during the week. I really (really) need some down time. That is absolutely clear to me.

I need to take my dog for a walk. Alone.

Listen Handel's Messiah.

Light some smelly nice candles.

Schedule absolutely NOTHING on my day off.

Make a giant pot of soup to eat all week so I don't have to cook every day.

Read scripture. (Suggestions welcome)

Investigate a silent retreat of some sort. Maybe it is time to visit St. Margret's in Boston.

Pray to Jesus that he give me the strength and courage and perseverance to carry on.

On a happy note: Last year a friend came up to healing prayer one Sunday because he was scheduled for carpel tunnel surgery on his wrists. We prayed over him, laid hands on him and sent him on his way. When he went to the surgeon for the pre-op exam, the surgeon was surprised to discover that he no longer needed it.

Praise God. Thank you, Lord, for the miracle of prayer.

Amen and amen.


John Michael Keba said...

Read scripture. (Suggestions welcome)

The Song of Songs is always good on a day off.

And I am to be great-uncled again next August, it seems!

Rachel Nguyen said...

What wonderful news, Uncle!

Thanks for the suggestion of the Song of Songs. I like it! Beautiful, ecstatic and sexy. All good things.

John Michael Keba said...

It's not scripture, but it is certainly fit reading for a day off, and not something you'll pick up at Borders:

A treatise on "Calmness" by the Coptic Pope!