Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The dent revisted

So, a friend read my blog post about the dent and called me.

"I want you to get your car fixed" she said. She explained that she felt there was enough abundance in God's world for giving AND car repairs. That it wasn't an either/or proposition.

I was stunned. But not really. I didn't want to accept her offer. But I did. I cried.

Nguyen said 'You know it's not necessary.'

And I said, yeah, I know. But it is a gift and I am really grateful.

So if you see me driving a big SUV today, it is a rental while my Mazda is in the shop getting a new door panel.

Thank you, my friend. And thank you, God, too.


Bad Alice said...

Just when we think we've acknowledged the limitlessness of God, something like this comes along and bonks us on the head. :) So glad you can get your car fixed.

Rachel Nguyen said...


God keeps showering us with love, doesn't he? And he uses each of us to do it.