Friday, January 09, 2009

Where to begin

Today is day three and I feel like I have been in Africa forever. Except that the keyboard is different, so typing is very slow and laborious.

Food- unbelievable.
Bed- Very comfortable.

Africa- I don't know where to begin. Perhaps there is no way to begin. Except that before I came people said that this would be a life changing experience... and I think it would be more accurate to say it is a life expanding experience. And certainly a life giving one.

Every day we study dance with Ladji Diakite. Then Rusty and I study djembe with Makan Kone while Lisa studies dun dun.

I miss my children and husband, but feel such joy at being here, too. Every day I cry for joy. Sidy makes relentless fun of me for it, as he should.

I can't get over how kind everyone is. It moves me deeply that we have become members of Sidy's family. I even have been given an African name: Tinoyé Maiga. I am named after Sidy's grandmother, which is a great honor.

Mali is beautiful...mostly because the people are beautiful.

My French is improving. Next time I come I will work on my Bambara.



Phil said...

God bless you Rachel on your journey in Mali and your journey within yourself. AND I see its your birthday! What a celebration that is! Many happy returns of the day. I will now play the djembe for your birthday. Tone slap slap...

aka The Swandive said...


Ming said...

Happy Birthday from me too!

Singing Owl said...

Oh, wonderful! I'm so glad.