Thursday, June 05, 2008


Things are changing. My folks left. My kids will be out of school next week. I am planning to put the beach bag together with spf 8000 and an umbrella to go with my sand chair.

I have been feeling a little like I am standing on shifting sand. Nothing seems very stable, even though everything really IS pretty stable.

Do you ever find yourself having a hard time getting things done?

And you know what? My eyesight is getting worse and I think it gave me a stomach ache while I was trying to do some paperwork today. Is that possible?

Cold and gray and shifty.


Rom said...

Draw a litle card, maybe? Hey, I laid my hands on the TdM by Chosson!

Rachel Nguyen said...

Hey Rom!

What a lovely surprise to find your comment.

Congratulations on the new/old deck. What a great find.

As to drawing a card, I don't really do that anymore. At some point it occurred to me that I was using the cards as a way to communicate with and understand God... and that I was better able to do that directly. So for me, prayer is the communication method of choice.

I am so glad you stopped by. How is your beautiful son?


Rom said...

Answered like a true Middle Age scholar... You should read what I have to say about Le mat. Guess who's in the bag?
Le petit Rom is no longer petit!

Rachel Nguyen said...

Hmmm. What kind of Fool keeps God in a bag, I wonder?

Interesting stuff on Le Mat. Thanks for inviting me to stop by.

Perhaps it is the tightrope walk between Heaven and Earth that feels so shifty at the moment.

Rom said...

A tightrope walk or a climb on Jacob's ladder (Trump XVI), back and forth, with angels, maybe.
Take care,